Rooted Hospitality Group Cultivates Clean Communities

Rooted Hospitality Group team members cleaning their community.

Every year, Rooted Hospitality Group volunteers to clean the local communities around both our restaurants and Support Office. As part of Rooted’s core values, we are committed to the clean-up and revitalization of these neighborhoods that we call home, from the eastern end of Long Island to New York City and in New Orleans. Through strategic partnerships and dedicated efforts, we’re proud to turn our focus beyond the dining room to nurture the very roots of the communities we serve.

Rooted Hospitality Group’s vision for a cleaner Long Island and New Orleans is exercised year-round, with a bigger focus around Earth Day in an effort to raise awareness and inspire fellow businesses and neighbors to do the same. As an industry leader in hospitality, Rooted Hospitality Group is leveraging its influence and resources to champion sustainable practices and community-focused initiatives. The vision is clear: create a cleaner and greener community that local residents can be proud to call home.

Going beyond local community events, in New Orleans at our AVO TACO located inside the Port Orleans Brewery, we built several planters and planted trees as part of The Canopy Project, which is an Earth Day beautification initiative.

“One of our core values is caring about our community and environment. Earth Day gives us the ability to practice this and share it with the community”

Rachel Hersh, Rooted Hospitality Group Owner

Local Community Clean-Up Events are just one of several ways in which we accomplish this goal.  That is why we’ve partnered with the Town of Southampton’s Great East End Clean-Up! These events bring together volunteers, local businesses, and residents to collaborate in removing litter and waste from parks, beaches, streets, and public spaces. By fostering a sense of collective responsibility, the initiative aims to create a cleaner and more attractive environment for everyone.


In addition to community-driven projects, Rooted Hospitality Group is implementing eco-friendly practices within its own operations. From sustainable sourcing of ingredients to energy-efficient measures in our establishments, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Even at our Support Office, we’ve made an effort to eliminate plastic highlighters in favor of more eco-friendly pencils. These efforts align with the broader goal of creating a culture of sustainability within the hospitality industry.

Watch some of our Rooted Hospitality Group crew in action cleaning up the streets and parks!

We look forward to continuing and growing our efforts in making the world more sustainable for generations to come. If you have any initiatives you’d like to share, please contact us at [email protected].

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