Rooted Hospitality Group’s Brooklyn Brewery Tour & Shuffleboard Showdown!

Team outings are more than just a break from the daily grind; they’re opportunities to strengthen team bonds, boost morale, and foster a positive corporate culture. On a recent Group RHG trip to reward our team members for their incredible performances, we visited the vibrant atmosphere of Brooklyn Brewery for a special behind-the-scenes tour! We got to see where all the magic happens and then were fortunate enough to taste their amazing lineup of brews… The Fonio Rising Double Pilsner was a big hit with us! After the tour, we explored Brooklyn, visiting a nearby rooftop bar to sip some cocktails before ending our adventure at a fun shuffleboard spot, where our team got to enjoy some spirited competition and, of course, dancing!  Watch our experience below!

Rooted Hospitality Group understands the value of investing in its team, which is why corporate outings are a staple of their workplace culture. These outings offer employees a chance to unwind, connect with colleagues outside of work, and recharge their spirits.

We like to create memorable outings, which is why its important to us to connect with other companies with strong values. Brooklyn Brewery stands as a beacon of creativity and community in the heart of New York City. As a renowned craft brewery, it offers an array of finely crafted beers and a vibrant ambiance perfect for socializing. Besides having the pleasure of serving their wonderful beers, Rooted Hospitality Group recognizes the appeal of Brooklyn Brewery as an ideal venue for their corporate outing. From guided brewery tours to tasting sessions, employees were treated to an immersive experience that celebrated camaraderie and craftsmanship.

The Shuffleboard Showdown was a fun way to end the evening. After savoring the distinctive brews at Brooklyn Brewery, Rooted Hospitality Group’s team ventured to Royal Palms for some friendly competition. Shuffleboard, a classic game that combines strategy and skill with a dash of nostalgia, provided the perfect backdrop for team bonding. As laughter echoed across the shuffleboard courts, colleagues became closer, forging memories that would last long after the game ended.

A strong corporate culture is the lifeblood of any successful organization. It fosters loyalty, inspires creativity, and drives performance. Rooted Hospitality Group recognizes that investing in team outings isn’t just about having fun; it’s about cultivating a culture where employees feel valued, supported, and connected. By prioritizing these experiences, Rooted Hospitality Group reaffirms its commitment to building a workplace where employees thrive.

We believe, whether it’s a brewery tour, a friendly game of shuffleboard, or a simple team lunch, the bonds forged during these outings are invaluable assets that strengthen teams and propel organizations towards success.

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