Rooted Sponsors Timothy Hill Ranch to Unleash the Power Within!

As part of our core values to foster personal growth and empower the next generation, Rooted Hospitality Group is proud to announce its sponsorship of several young men from the Timothy Hill Ranch, enabling them to attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within Seminar. This initiative reflects our commitment to making a positive impact in our community and providing opportunities for individuals to unlock their full potential.

At Rooted Hospitality Group, we understand the transformative power of mentorship and personal development experiences. As a leading advocate for youth empowerment, we recognize the importance of investing in programs that offer valuable insights and tools for success. Partnering with the Timothy Hill Ranch, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, was a natural fit for us.

The Unleash The Power Within Seminar, led by renowned speaker and life coach Tony Robbins, is a four-day immersive event designed to ignite personal transformation and unleash untapped potential. Through a series of workshops, interactive exercises, and motivational sessions, participants gain invaluable insights into areas such as goal setting, mindset mastery, and overcoming limitations.

By sponsoring these young men from the Timothy Hill Ranch, Rooted Hospitality Group aims to provide them with access to life-changing experiences that can shape their future trajectories. Our commitment to their growth extends beyond the seminar itself, as we will continue to offer support and guidance as they navigate their personal and professional journeys.

As an organization deeply rooted in hospitality, we believe in creating opportunities for individuals to thrive and succeed. Through initiatives like this sponsorship program, we hope to inspire and empower young people to realize their potential and pursue their dreams.

Rooted Hospitality Group Raising $10,000 For Timothy Hill Ranch

Dear Friends and Family & Community Members,

Today, we at Rooted Hospitality Group are reaching out to participate with us in the biggest fundraiser of the year for a beloved organization, The Timothy Hill Ranch. The Iron Man Golf fundraiser. Timothy Hill organization is more than just a charity; it’s a beacon of hope for young individuals who have faced unimaginable challenges.

Timothy Hill Ranch embodies the essence of second chances. It’s a sanctuary where troubled youth and young adults find renewed strength and character, guided by Christ-centered values and unconditional love. They have four ranches across the country that comprise of residential campuses dedicated to transforming the lives of young men in need and retreat centers that offer a serene, alcohol and tobacco-free environment for rejuvenation in the heart of nature.

The story of Timothy Hill Ranch began with a dream. A dream envisioned by a young boy named Timothy, who, despite his short life, left an indelible mark on this world. His parents, Jerry and Fern Hill, turned their personal tragedy into a living legacy, creating a haven for children in crisis. Since its inception in 1980, the ranch has extended its loving arms to hundreds of children, offering them not just shelter but a chance to rewrite their stories.

We at Rooted Hospitality Group have witnessed the extraordinary impact of Timothy Hill Ranch. We’ve seen firsthand how lives are transformed – how despair turns into hope, and how a troubled past can lead to a future filled with potential. This transformative journey is not just about the children and young adults at the ranch; it’s about all of us. By supporting Timothy Hill Ranch, we participate in a larger story of healing, love, and community.

We invite you to join us in this noble cause. Please visit the Timothy Hill Ranch website to learn more about their life-changing work. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. It’s an opportunity for us to share gratitude and love, not just for the organization, but for the idea that every child deserves a chance at a blessed life.

Together, let’s say a resounding “Thank You” to Timothy Hill Ranch for making our world a better, kinder place.

With Gratitude,

Rooted Hospitality Group

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