Going from Career Fair to a Career with Rooted Hospitality Group

Rooted Hospitality Group recently made waves at the prestigious Johnson & Wales Career Fair. The event, renowned for connecting top-tier culinary students with esteemed establishments, proved to be a pivotal moment for Rooted Hospitality Group as we sought to engage with the next generation of culinary talent. Now with the summer upon us, some of the students we met that day have already begun their culinary careers!

With a mission to foster innovation, creativity, and a passion for culinary arts, RHG attended the fair with the intention of identifying promising candidates for our upcoming summer internship program. As a company committed to nurturing aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals, participating in events like the Johnson & Wales Career Fair aligns perfectly with our ethos of continuous learning and growth.

The Career Fair provided a platform for RHG to showcase its unique culture, diverse array of culinary offerings, and commitment to excellence in hospitality. Representatives from the company engaged in insightful conversations with students, discussing potential internship opportunities, career paths, and the dynamic environment within Rooted Hospitality Group’s establishments.

Throughout the event, the enthusiasm and dedication of the culinary students was palpable. Rooted Hospitality Group’s team was impressed by the caliber of talent present at the fair, reinforcing their belief in the bright future of the culinary industry. From aspiring chefs to hospitality management enthusiasts, each interaction offered a glimpse into the passion and ambition driving the next generation of culinary professionals.

“We were thrilled to participate in the Johnson & Wales Career Fair and connect with such talented and motivated students,” said Erika VanDervoort, HR Manager at Rooted Hospitality Group. “The energy and enthusiasm we witnessed reaffirm our commitment to nurturing emerging talent within the culinary world.”

These internships will provide invaluable hands-on experience, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to the inner workings of Rooted Hospitality Group’s renowned restaurants.

Through initiatives like the Johnson & Wales Career Fair, Rooted Hospitality Group remains steadfast in its commitment to shaping the future of the culinary industry, one talented individual at a time.

We are thrilled to share updates on the young talents who have recently joined us. These enthusiastic interns have quickly immersed themselves in the fast-paced environment of our kitchens and hospitality venues. Early in their journey with Rooted Hospitality Group, they are already making significant strides.

From crafting innovative dishes to contributing to exceptional guest experiences, these young professionals are proving to be valuable additions to our family. Their creativity and dedication are evident in the fresh ideas and energy they bring to our team. Here is a photo of Intern Joe, who we met at the career fair, with Chef Ben McKinney, also an alumni of Johnson & Wales, stepping out of the kitchen to snap a selfie together in front of the floral wall at flora! We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of this intern class as they embark on their promising careers with Rooted Hospitality Group. If you’re interested in joinging the RHG family, visit our career page!

Intern Joe (L) with Chef Ben McKinney
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